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Store Credit

How does store credit work?

Store credit can come in two forms: a name on file with your purchases tracked, or as certificates called "Joe Bucks." Credit can be earned by selling us your old books, or purchased like a gift card (they really do make great gifts!).

Store credit cannot be exchanged for cash.

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Can I barter for a lower price?


What is your return policy?

As a predominantly used bookstore, we sell all of our books "as is." It is up to you as the buyer to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the product before you complete your purchase.

Book Selling

How do I sell you my books?

1. Bring in your books: an employee will take your name, address and number. If you have a large amount of books, we appreciate a call ahead.

2. We make an offer: A book buyer will go through and select which books we would like to purchase from you. This could take a few minutes or a few days, depending on how many sellers there are before you.

3. Make the trade: Once we've made a decision, we will give you a call and offer you a choice of cash or store credit. The credit will be 50% more than our cash offer. You can choose to either come back to the store to pick up your leftovers and offer, or you can donate the leftovers and we can mail a check to you.

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